Thursday, August 12, 2010

International Old Lacers Convention

WOW - What a convention - LOTS of people - both men and women - and LOTS of FUN!!! This was my first IOLI Convention and what a blast! I took Tatting classes! Both from Karey Solomon, and Mimi Dillman.

The International Old Lacers, 57th Annual Conference was held in Portland Oregon, from July 24 - July 31, 2010. The host was the Portland Lace Society. There were all types of lace classes available. Too many to choose from!

From Mimi I took her "Adding Leaves to Tatting" (3 hour mini class) - and learned a simple way to make cluny leaves! She was a marvelous teacher, and quite an inspiration! I will post some photos of her work later, as well as my completed projects, when completed!

From Karey - my No. One favorite tatting instructor, I took the following classes:
"Tatting with Buttons, New Explorations" (12 hour class), "Building a Tatter - New Skills" (12 hour class), "Crazy Quilt Tatting Pincushion" (3 hour mini class). She is such a terrific teacher and tatter. She also dyes her own threads and yarns. She has a shop "Graceful Arts Fiber Studio", in Burdett NY, which has a lovely view overlooking the Finger Lakes. Check out her website:
I will post my finished projects as I complete them! Along with some of Karey's tatting!

So, we had a week full of classes, more classes, excellent food, great friendships were made, raffle prizes, freebies, and great scenery - right on the river front of the Columbia River, in Portland Oregon. Next year the conference will be in Bethesda, Maryland, from July 31 to August 6, 2011, and will be hosted by The Chesapeake Region Lace Guild. Check out these website for more details: or

I didn't get a chance to take the Needle Lace Classes, but did pick some kits up from Sylvia Murariu, who teaches Romanian Point Lace - all levels. She told me how it is very close to Needle Lace, and gave me some pointers! I am now home and excited to learn it, using her DVD!

My husband Lynn drove me, and each day of the conference (bless his heart) lifted my scooter in and out of our Honda CRV. I need to get a lift installed. I had a chair lift on the back of my mini van, but it, as well as the van were totalled last fall when a drunk driver rear ended me! I couldn't have done it without him or my scooter, especiallly since I just had (June 28) my second knee replacement on my right knee!

Hubbie had a great time while I was in classes. After the conference, we traveled to Tacoma Washington to visit his brother for a day, and then we traveled to Salem Oregon to visit my oldest son and his children! We also took some time to see a few sights!

Well, that's all for now - more soon . . . . . .

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