Monday, July 2, 2012

Apologies - Back Again!

Yes, I'm back again - and boy has it been a long time!  I'm so ashamed of myself!  We've (hubbie and myself) have had a lot of things going on!  We returned last week from a week long trip to San Antonio, Texas, for hubbie's Mom's 89th birthday party and family reunion!  We had a great turn out, and a long drive home.  Yes, we drove, and explored, etc.  On the way home, we went through the Hopi Indian Reservation, Mineral Wells Fossil Park (Texas), Petrified Forest National Park, to name a few.  Before we left San Antonio, we visited the Alamo - "Remember the Alamo".  We had loads of fun but was sad we could not take pictures inside the Alamo!  Just outside!  So, I'll post a couple of our pictures later!

It was good to see family we hadn't seen for a couple of years.  Hubbie's brothers were there - one from Japan (who also lives in San Antonio only a few days a year), one from the Seattle area, and one from the Colorado Springs area!  Some of their children and grandchildren also attended.  It was too far for any of our children or grandchildren to attend!  Maybe next time.


Our guild Bonneville Tatters, has a new web site:  Check it out.  We now have three meeting locations!  Things are sure heating up, and we're collecting tatters far and wide! 

April was our annual trip to Spokane Washington, for the Shuttlebirds Workshop!  It was great - as usual!  Karey Solomon was there, as well as Georgia Seitz.  And then, our local teachers:  Krystle Pyette, Mary McCarthy, and Jessica Spaulding, etc.  Patti Duff and her group do a fantastic job of putting it all together.  We all had a great time!  It was sad to hear about Pete - with Snow Goose.  His health is failing and someone else was running his booth.  I think they bought him out.

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